Poppii King is a young lady who has used much of her personal experiences to bring realistic life to her first published novel Look What You Made Me Do .

Much like the main character in this novel (Ameena) Poppii was also born to two drug addicted parents.. but unlike Ameena, Poppii was bounced around from state to state.. foster home to foster home, dealing with a great amount of mental.. physical and sexual abuse, all before the young age of 9 years old. It was at this age that she was moved back to her birth place of Harlem where she would stay, leaving behind the sexual abuse, but continuing to suffer through the mental and physical abuse that had become her normal life.

After finding herself in a cycle of depression and three failed suicide attempts, Poppii would finally find an escape at the age 14 years old after joining a gang in which she would describe as her revolution.

“Being in a gang was fun for me at that age.. I was rebelling against the horrible treatment that I had going on at home.. I came to that foster home a good kid.. but I was verbally.. mentally and physically abused so much, that rebellion was my only way out.. it was the only power that I had.. I felt ashamed that I was being beaten.. I didn’t want anyone to know.. much like.. when I was being sexually abused almost daily before I moved back to Harlem.. Even though I was a victim, I wouldn’t say anything or let anyone know because I felt ashamed, in my head.. I thought people would laugh at me.. I didn’t see me being helped or rescued.”

Poppii then continued her life in and out of the system, but this time not through the foster care system but through the juvenile detention system.

“I spent a lot of my life in and out of Manhattan family court.. from foster care.. to juvenile detention court… to being on probation there.”

It was only once a close friend of hers was killed, that Poppii felt that the gang life wasn’t what she stood for.

“The people that I started with was exactly what I stood for .. when I was younger I always thought that I would be a revolutionary when I grew up. {She laughs} and that’s what the people that I started with stood for… but I was rebelling so much … that I started running with a whole different crowd .. because trouble was more fun.. but If I could get killed .. like my friend had… with no repercussions for anyone.. why am I hanging and calling myself banging with these people?.. it didn’t make sense to me.. the day I saw my friend laid in that casket.. was the day my flag (bandanna)and beads literally went in the casket with him.. that life was dead for me.”

Would be a direct quote from Poppii in why she chose to leave the gang life behind and turn her life around.

Today Poppii is an established business owner.. Runway model.. Mother.. self proclaimed Uncertified life coach and now, an Author.

“I’ve been through so much and survived so much that I’m now able to help others simply with knowledge gained from my experiences.. I can help people with my stories.. my blueprint for how I escaped or was able to deal with every negative thing in my life.. You would be surprised by how your story.. your strength.. your knowledge.. can help someone else.”

When asked Who is Poppii King? She answered.

“I’m just a soul enjoying my human experience.. and helping people along the way.. whether it’s through my writing or my daily human interactions.. I was blessed and chosen to spread a message… many messages.. I’m a healer.. a light house .. I’m everything I want to be.. and everything I need to be.. Who am I? {She laughs} that’s a great question and I don t think that there is one answer.. right now.. I’m the messenger… but my favorite thing to be, is a great mother.. I may be ugly, {She laughs} But I’m a beautiful soul and a great mother.. That’s most important to me.”