Soooo.. I thought it was important for me to write this, as I have come across many common misconceptions about my novel “Look What You Made Me Do.” Since the novel is not yet released I do accept and cannot expect anything more than assumptions about what this novel is really about, because of that, it is important that I express that this is not “JUST ANOTHER HOOD BOOK” SURPRISE !!! (LOL) I’d hate to ruin it for you (and I won’t) but this is not just a story about a young girl.. getting HIV.. being raped.. spreading HIV .. blah blah blah another hood story that you’ve read before.. “What the hell is new”.. “I know how this will end”..” OOoooOOOooh GOD WHEN WILL SOMEONE WRITE SOMETHING NEWWWWWWWWW” LOL… Welp luckily for you.. it’s not just that… it’s so much more.. In this book I was able to incorporate my talent of writing, with my passion for helping others.. I was able to use some of my real life story and integrate it with Ameenas (The main character) story in order to spread some very important messages, very wise quotes, and most important to me, some solutions and alternative ways of thinking for one to overcome sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse as I have done. It may also help those whom may be living with HIV, any form of disease or illnesses etc. or just feeling like life is always kicking them down, or negative energy is always surrounding them.

I took this story and implemented these messages in what I would like to think of as a “clever way” but of course that would be up to you, the reader to decide. I knew that I didn’t want to just tell a story, I truly believe that my life purpose is to help others, especially others that have gone through or are going through some of the things that I’ve gone through, and that is the most important thing to me.. I didn’t want to just write a “good book” or a “good story”. I needed to share a possible solution, I needed for people to know that they too can overcome some of the things that we sometimes believe we never will. You see some of the greatest books are the greatest books because they have a message, whether it’s a hidden message or simply a self help book.. there’s a message and some sort of solution.. and that is what this story is about.. when you have finished reading this book you have not just read another book, my hope is that you take the message and apply it to your own life, your own situation, or to overcome whatever difficulty you may be facing, because I understand how ones knowledge or way of thinking can always be used to help someone else.. and THAT’S WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT.

I am not just an Author, I don’t want to just sell books.. I have a need to help… and I am also an “UN-CERTIFIED LIFE COACH” That’s right… I’m not certified but …. I AM ONE .. I KNOW I’M ONE BECAUSE I GAVE MYSELF THE TITLE… DON’T CHECK THE CREDENTIALS THOUGH SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Lol and enjoy! (I know you will) Thank you for reading and for any and all support it is greatly appreciated –Poppii King

Hey be sure to stay tuned for our “New Life” Challenge that we will begin posting next week!

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