I was born to two fiend out parents, both victims of the 80's crack epidemic, you would think that they would get it together for their one and only child.. that wasn't the case.

It was my parents fiend out friends that would molest me at the age of 7 years old, once my parents were high and nodding off. I use to think that was the time that they had decided to take advantage of.. until my pops stuck a needle in his arm and O.D'd to commit suicide.. he left a note.. that's when I found out that he was actually accepting drugs in exchange for me!

My childhood was F*d up.. my teenage years worst.. I was repeatedly raped.. beat.. tortured.. mentally abused.. betrayed by my bestfriend .. man I stripped .. sold drugs.. sh*t, I even sold myself just to make money after finding my moms murdered in our project apartment..

I really wanted revenge.. Instead.. I just tried to remain focused on becoming financially stable enough to be able to live on my own.. I was so sick of living with other people.. I wanted better for myself.. but the only thing positive that life had to throw at me, was a positive HIV test .. man I just felt like F* it.. it seemed as though life was never done kicking me down.. but it was going to be MY time to do the kicking for sure .. .

But let me introduce myself.. My name is Ameena Washington.. and I was never this monster I allowed them to turn me into.. This.. this is never what I wanted to do.. This.. is what they MADE me do